Stereolithography (SLA) Production 3D Printer by 3D Systems

The iPro 8000 is a high-productivity, mid-range SLA® 3D printing system that builds robust parts with outstanding surface smoothness, feature resolution, edge definition and tolerances.


Accura 25 is soft, accurate material with the aesthetics of molded polypropylene (PP).

Application Examples:

  • Snap fit assemblies
  • Automotive styling parts and fascia
  • Master patterns for urethane casting
  • Parts normally machined from polypropylene (PP) or ABS

Technical Specifications

Net Build Size 650 × 750 × 550 mm (25.6 × 29.5 × 21.65 in)
Minimum Layer Thickness .05 mm (0.002 in)
Border spot (diameter @ 1/e2) 0.13 mm (0.005 in)

An overview of the SLA process