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Out of thin air™

Global 3D printing Capacity enabled by Industry Leading Laser Sintering Systems from Electro Optical Systems.

Few generations experience firsthand the upheaval of an industrial revolution – ours will twice. Barely 40 years ago researchers discovered the ability of sand to switch electrical signals on and off. Today the density of integrated circuits allows billions of circuits to be printed on silicon wafers which enable products that even science fiction writers could not have predicted.

We now expect new technology to arrive – like the mail. Excitement has been drained away by the predictable expectation of innovation. Be prepared to be excited again.

True breakthroughs demand a new vocabulary. Since the dawn of metal working, fabrication of parts demanded the removal of material – at great cost and effort. An entire ecosystem of material removal systems evolved to accomplish the task. Ever more complex machines were employed to ‘subtract’ unneeded material to reveal the shape hidden inside. What if you could simply ‘add’ material to create parts out of thin air?

Today ‘Additive Manufacturing’ is poised to eclipse ‘Subtractive Manufacturing’ in the same way transistors replaced tubes as it ushers in a Third Industrial Revolution of unprecedented capabilities, economies and performance.

3D Parts Manufacturing is uniquely positioned to help you leverage this revolution in manufacturing technology to engineer, design, fabricate and deliver innovative solutions formerly unavailable using traditional methods.

We invite you to contact us to discover why 3D Parts Manufacturing is your preferred partner for additive manufacturing, rapid prototyping, tooling, fixturing, gaging, pilot and production run fabrication from a variety of Steels, Plastics and Carbon fiber materials. Only 3D Parts Manufacturing offers 3D printing capacity on two continents: Weifang, China and Indianapolis, USA.